Customer Testimonials

Thousands of users are already benefitting from access to Jordans Online Services and below are some recent comments we have received.


On Jordans Online Services

"Having used other products on the market, we feel that the online services provided by Jordans are without doubt exceptional value for money in today's challenging legal environment. In addition, we feel that the simplicity of navigating around the online services saves us time in the preparation of client's matters."

John Mitton
PG Legal


On PracticePlus

"We have undertaken a full review of comparative family law online and other publications and found PracticePlus to provide a superior service. Its comprehensive case workflows and practice notes are an essential resource for the specialist family lawyer."

Jenny Beck
Director of Family Law, Co-Chair of the LAPG


On Jordans Employment Law Online

"A two week free trial of Employment Law Online is a really great way to test fly it. Three things stand out immediately, the immensely easy readability of the text, at a glance summaries by topic and the mobile portability - any internet PC or laptop and it's there to access."

Brian Wilson
HR Manager, Recruitment Industry


On Jordans Bankruptcy and Personal Insolvency Reports Online

“An indispensable resource that no insolvency lawyer should ever be without”

“Paul French and his team do a magnificent job in ensuring that reporting is swift, accurate and wide-ranging. Only a fool would go into Court without checking the latest cases in the BPIRs and with an online subscription it is so easy to do this no matter where you are”
“The BPIRs are where you will find the cases that are simply unreported elsewhere. The BPIRs are where you will find that all important decision that is pivotal to the success of your particular case.”

Graham Sellers
Atlantic Chambers


On Jordans Family Law Online

“I would strongly recommend Jordans for family law publications and on-line subscriptions"

“Jordans also provide excellent customer service, as both enquiries and queries are dealt with quickly and efficiently.”

Helen Purnell
Credit Controller/Financial Administrator


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