Doing Business in France

Considering doing business in France?

If so you will need to ensure you are aware of the legalities before you invest.
Whether you are opening an overseas office, setting up a cross border joint venture or acquiring a business overseas, companies and their advisers must have a firm grasp of the structure of business regulation in the target territory.

Yet finding up-to-date and reliable information of this kind can involve a great deal of time, effort and money, especially if you do not have an office or agent in the territory. International Corporate Procedures collates all the Corporate Law information you need to make an informed decision and be aware of what you need to do one you are doing business in France.

International Corporate Procedures Online Modules

In addition, if you find that actually France is not the best place for your business to move to next then you can easily research other countries to find out if they are more aligned to your business requirements.

You can have easy access to information on:

  • How to form a company including the timescales, costs and documentation required. In addition specific rules relating to partnerships, branches and joint ventures are covered.
  • Key company law points on liabilities of directors, D&O insurance, local shareholding requirements, classes of shares permitted, rules for shareholder meetings, registration of charges, liabilities for subsidiary debts, fees for permits and licences, rules on borrowing and charging of assets and M&A controls.
  • The different types of entities including partnerships, branches and joint ventures
  • Accounting obligations in relation to record keeping and frequency of reporting. Model forms of accounts relevant to France, highlighting in particular contents of the balance sheet and profit and loss account, additional disclosures, directors’ reports and the auditor’s report.
  • The tax position in each country, including corporate tax rates, offsetting losses, tax rate on dividends, taxation of groups, double taxation arrangements and incentive schemes.
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