Meet the commissioning and editorial teams

See who commissions, edits and publishes your law resources

Commissioning Department

Kate Hather BA (Hons)
Publishing Manager
Joined us in 1998

Kate project manages all newly commissioned works for all media which the Publishers have developed. She works with authors, editors, typesetters and software developers to ensure the successful publication of new works for all platforms. Kate also manages the news sites for Jordan Publishing, and commissions authors to write articles and news items for these.

Gregory Woodgate
Family Law Publisher
Joined us in 1997

Greg Woodgate (LLB, LLM, Barrister) trained and worked in London before joining Jordan Publishing in 1997 as the in-house editor of The Family Court Practice (The Red Book).

Since 2004, Greg has managed the market-leading Family Law List and is responsible for commissioning and developing new products in all formats for the practice areas of Family Law and the Court of Protection.

Matthias Mueller
Content Developer
Joined us in 2009

Matthias is responsible for the commissioning, acquisition and development of content within Employment, Personal Injury and Health and Safety law, across all formats.

He manages the commissioning process, agreeing content, budget, and deadlines with authors, managing output and content quality.

You can follow him on Twitter: @Matthia5Mueller

Editorial Department

Samantha Bangham
Law Reporter
Joined us in 2008

Sam came to Jordan Publishing in 2008 as Law Reports Editor of the Family Law Reports, a fortnightly publication which contains case reports of every important High Court, Court of Appeal, Supreme Court and European court case decision.

In August 2011, she became the Law Reporter for this publication. This role involves selecting cases for publication, preparing summaries both for the editorial board and the website and writing headnotes for each of the reported cases.

Sarah Burt
Law Reports Manager
Joined us in 2006

Sarah manages the company's portfolio of Law Reports series and personally looks after the fortnightly publication Family Law Reports. She was also involved in the development and launch of Court of Protection Law Reports.

The Law Reports contain judicially approved and headnoted judgments; they make useful source material for solicitors and barristers as well as the judiciary. Sarah works with a team of external editors and the in-house Law Reporter, who provides the content for the Family Law Reports. Sarah is responsible for the project management and editing of this material and oversees all aspects of the editorial process up to publication.

Jonathan Cailes
Major Works Manager
Joined us in 2009

Jonathan's role involves editing and project managing one of our most successful titles, The Family Court Practice. Also known as The Red Book, it is relied on by solicitors, barristers, the judiciary and justices’ clerks for legal matters relating to practice and procedure in the family courts. Jonathan co-ordinates a team of external authors, edits their material, updates legislation reproduced in the book and ensures that editorial processes run smoothly and to schedule. He also produces The Family Court Practice Autumn Supplement and various electronic updates and newsletters, as well as overseeing the project management of the other Major Works, namely Civil Court Service (The Brown Book) and Court of Protection Practice.

Samantha Griffiths BA (Hons)
Looseleafs Manager
Joined us in 2005

As Looseleafs Manager, Samantha is responsible for co-ordinating the production of all looseleaf updates and their accompanying newsletters and bulletins. This involves writing schedules, liaising with authors over copy, collating corrections, copy-editing, proofreading and approving final PDF files for press.


Luci Stokes
Editorial Assistant
Joined us in 2003

Luci joined Jordans in 2003 and became a Conference Administrator in 2009, before taking on the role of editorial assistant in 2011.

Luci helps source material for Family Law, as well as several of the online portals which she also updates regularly. She manages journal author fees, liaises with some of the country’s top-name barristers, helps with proofreading a selection of Jordan Publishing’s best known products, populates and ensures the delivery of Family Law’s weekly email newsletter, updates databases with new and relevant information, and provides general administrative assistance for both the editorial department and the company as a whole.