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14 JUL 2011

Insolvency Event: Nottingham Law School Annual Conference

Hot on the heals of Dr Omar's recent announcement on INSOL conferences, Nottingham Law School (NLS) have issued a statement relating to their annual September insolvency conference. As noted on the blog previously, earlier this year they held a joint conference with the Insolvency Service. As Dr Omar's email makes clear NLS have a conference on the cards in early 2012. They have therefore decided to temporarily suspend the annual September conference - an embarassment of riches as the Lord Bacon might say! Here is the notice:

"As you are no doubt aware, the Nottingham Law School's Insolvency and Corporate Law Research Group (ICLRG) has been hosting an annual insolvency conference since 2008. Traditionally these have been held in mid-September each year, and this year the conference was due to be held on Wednesday 14 September 2011. This year's conference was being planned as a joint conference with the World Bank, and would have focused on insolvency developments in Eastern Europe. However, due to a number of factors it has been decided not to host the annual international insolvency conference in September 2011.

 In April 2011 Nottingham Law School co-hosted the annual Insolvency Service Conference in Nottingham, and in June 2012 the Nottingham Law School will co-host the INSOL Europe Academic Forum Conference. As a result of these developments the ICLRG did not want to try and squeeze in another conference so soon after the Insolvency Service Conference, or so soon before the INSOL Europe Academic Forum Conference in June 2012.


In the meantime you are requested to diarise 28 and 29 June 2012, which are the dates when the INSOL Europe Academic Forum Conference will be held in Nottingham, co-hosted by the Nottingham Law School. The theme of the conference is "Too Big to Fail? Large National and International Failures under the Spotlight". The intention is to feature contributions from both invited speakers and members of the Academic Forum on how insolvency affects large corporations, banking and financial institutions as well as state and public bodies. A Call for Papers is expected to be issued soon. In the interim, expressions of interest are welcome, directed to Professor David Burdette (david.burdette@ntu.ac.uk).


The ICLRG will resume the hosting of an annual insolvency conference in September 2013. Details regarding this conference will be provided early in 2013."




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