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11 APR 2013

An IEAF update from Professor Omar

A – Upcoming Events



1. IEAF Annual Conference (Paris, 25-26 September 2013) –Call for Papers (Reminder)



Expressions of interest are invited for the delivery of papers on the conference theme, which continues the theme of the Trier Conference and will be: Revision and Reform of the European Insolvency Regulation. Any interest for the few remaining places should be communicated asap to Paul Omar, Secretary, Academic Forum by e-mail: <paul.omar@ntu.ac.uk>. The organisers will communicate shortly thereafter those papers that have been selected for inclusion within the conference.



Five Travel Grants sponsored by Edwin Coe LLP are available to enable attendance and delivery of papers at this conference. Further information is available in the News Section of the Academic Forum website. The deadline for applications will be 31 May 2013 [NB. Not 15 February as reported in the last newsletter].


B – Upcoming Events (Cognate Associations)



2. INSOL International Academics Group (The Hague, 18-19 May 2013)


The 15th meeting of the INSOL International Academics Group is being organised to coincide with the 2013 INSOL International regional conference in The Hague. The academics will meet on the weekend ahead of the main conference, on Saturday 18 and Sunday 19 May 2013. An agenda has now been isued incorporating some of the themes included in the call for papers in the following subject areas:



  • Revision of the EU Insolvency Regulation;
  • New ideas and emerging best practices in the treatment of individual insolvency (including, but not limited to: issues concerning consumer bankruptcy; court-based versus administrative procedures; repayment plans – vices and virtues);
  • Secured transactions: perils and pitfalls;
  • Sovereign debt in the 21st Century: challenge and response;
  • Special focus on Eastern European insolvency issues;
  • Caribbean insolvency Issues.



In addition, the conference will also contain a joint session with the INSOL Fellows and participants in the Global Insolvency Practice Course in 2013 as well as a Research Forum providing an opportunity for those currently undertaking a research project (including PhD students currently engaged in doctoral studies) to deliver a brief account of their work and to generate discussion.


3. NACIIL Colloquium (Amsterdam, 20 May 2013)


Professor Bob Wessels of Leiden University, who is the Chair of the Netherlands Association for Comparative and International Insolvency Law (NACIIL), an association that is active in the promotion of interest in and knowledge of comparative and international insolvency law, is organising a conference after the conclusion of the INSOL International Academics Group Meeting in The Hague to allow for further discussion on insolvency topics. The NACIIL meeting will take place in Amsterdam on Monday 20 May 2013. Details on the programme may still be obtained from <bwessels@bobwessels.nl>, who will be able to indicate if places are still available for the day’s session.


In any event, for more information about NACIIL, please visit their website at: <http://www.naciil.org>.



4. Leeds Law School Colloquium (Leeds, 12 June 2013)


Professor Gerard McCormack of Leeds and the Centre for Business Law and Practice at the University of Leeds will be hosting a one-day seminar at the University on Wednesday 12 June 2013 as part of a joint project together with the Centre for Business and Insolvency Law at the Nottingham Law School. The intention on this occasion will be to chart the major issues affecting the review of the EIR and anticipate some of the issues that could arise in its application. The conference is run with the active support and input of key stakeholders such as private sector practitioners and the UK Insolvency Service and will include speakers from the European Commission, the Insolvency Service and leading international law firms as well as from academia in the United Kingdom and elsewhere. Further information will be available nearer the time to be posted on the IEAF website.



5. Nottingham Inaugural Lecture and Law School Seminar (Nottingham, 10-11 September 2013)


The Nottingham Law School will be arranging a one-day symposium on Wednesday 11 September dealing with topical issues, including EIR and, inter alia, issues of sovereign debt, international benchmarking and standards as well as regulatory approaches in insolvency. This meeting has been timed to coincide with the delivery on Tuesday 10 September of an inaugural lecture by Paul Omar, newly appointed Chair of International and Comparative Insolvency Law at the Law School, who will be speaking on the topic of the history of and future perspectives on cross-border co-operation in insolvency. The EIR will of course receive a mention, given its high-profile as one of the few initiatives in this field with a history providing a measure of the success of cross-border insolvency texts. Further information will be available nearer the time to be posted on the IEAF website.


C – Past Events


6. Joint Insolvency Conference 2013 (Trier, 18-19 March 2013)



A joint conference was held on Monday 18 – Tuesday 19 March 2013 in conjunction with the Academy of European Law, Trier, Germany at the premises of the ERA in that city in order to chart the major developments in respect of the European Insolvency Regulation in recent years, particularly in light of the voluminous case law it has generated as well as the current attempts and proposals aimed at reforming the text. The conference attracted some 90 participants representing some 15 jurisdictions with topics being discussed at the conference including the scope of the text and definition of “insolvency”, the concept of COMI, coordination and communication, the relationship between main and territorial proceedings, the recognition of (pre-)insolvency proceedings, the publication of opening decisions, related actions and interplay with the Brussels I Regulation, cross-border security and rights in rem as well as the insolvency of groups of enterprises. A conference write up is being prepared by the INSOL Europe Technical Officers, Myriam Mailly and Emmanuelle Inacio, for publication in the Eurofenix magazine.



D - Book Projects/Conference Reports


The Nottingham 2012, Brussels 2012 and Trier 2013 conference booklets have been provisionally scheduled to appear in 2013 and further information will be circulated on their availability in due course. In the interim, INSOL Europe and the Judicial Wing have published the following items, which may be of interest: a text on “Revision of the European Insolvency Regulation: Proposals by INSOL Europe” (ed. R. van Galen) and one on “The Remuneration of the Insolvency Representative in Europe” (ed. H. Vallender), both published in mid-2012. Information about the series, including all the conference proceedings booklets available, may be viewed at: <http://www.insol-europe.org/publications/technical-series-publications>.


E - Edwin Coe Prizes for Outstanding Legal Scholarship


Edwin Coe LLP are an eminent firm based in the United Kingdom with a specialisation in insolvency restructuring. They have agreed to sponsor the activities of the Academic Forum of INSOL Europe in 2007-2013. As part of this sponsorship, prizes are available so as to enable the recognition of legal scholarship by academic scholars and researchers specialising in insolvency law. The prizes will be awarded by open competition and are available for sole or jointly authored published books, but not edited collections (i.e. contributed essays from a number of authors). The books entered into the competition must have been published within 24 months prior to the end of the closing date of the competition (30 June 2013) and entries are subject to the rules published in the News Section of the Academic Forum website. Winners of the prizes must undertake that subsequent publicity for the book, including any mention in publicity material or on a website or in any subsequent edition of the text, will note the receipt of the Edwin Coe Prize.


F – Newsletter Appeal for Information



If recipients of this newsletter wish to advertise conferences, workshops or other insolvency-connected events as well as note research projects and possible collaborations, either in future editions of the newsletter or on the INSOL Europe Academic Forum website or Facebook page, please contact the Secretary at: <paul.omar@ntu.ac.uk> or <khaemwaset@yahoo.co.uk>.


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