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  • Jordan Publishing Health and Safety Training
Health and Safety Management Health and Safety Management

"a must for any employer" Ed Friend, Health and Safety Consultant

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Jordan Publishing Health and Safety Training

Practical, ready prepared, cost-effective training programme

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Deliver high quality training throughout your organisation at a fraction of the cost.  

This service provides you with a practical, cost-effective solution to the delivery of your health and safety training obligations in the workplace, available as an online subscription.

Jordan Publishing Health and Safety Training will enable you to spot the needs of your organisation and put together a straightforward, comprehensive training solution at a fraction of the cost of calling in a trainer.

Accidents often occur due to a lack of effective training

Using a centrally-controlled system, Jordan Publishing Health and Safety Training will help you monitor the training levels of each member of your workforce. Fully equipped with practical solutions, training exercises, pre-prepared presentations and the latest legal information it will enable you to provide all the necessary training information yourself. Minimum fuss, minimum cost.

Designed for use by both the safety and non-safety professional, the easy to use training programme can be quickly established throughout an organisation of any size. It enables you to deliver hands-on training on the shop-floor, instead of the usual formal setting, if preferred.

Effective training with minimum disruption

  • A range of effective solutions - will standardise health and safety training across your whole organisation from director to the shop floor
  • Practical, legal and theoretical - providing a clear overview of the latest necessary training requirements for your workplace, with links to Jordan Publishing Health and Safety Management
  • Quick and easily accessible - everything online allows you to search quickly and adapt materials to meet your needs
  • Written by practising health and safety specialists - the manual is authoritative, up-to-date and includes practical solutions provided by experts in the field
  • Ready-prepared training talks, PowerPoint presentations and practical demonstrations - ensure key safety training points are not missed, training becomes easy to implement with minimum fuss

Will your required subject areas be covered? See the contents here

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While other training publications cover just a handful of the main areas, this manual goes beyond that to provide training for most activities encountered in the workplace. Over 100 subjects covered, from asbestos to welding.

Part 1 Theory and Practice
Training theory
Training practice
Training session

Part 2 Training Materials
Presentations and notes
Safety training talks by topic

Part 3 Training Tools
Pocket cards
Training schedule
Control sheets

Reference Materials
Training organisations
Health and safety resources
There are a variety of publications on the subject of training and a substantial industry has been built on the basis that employers feel that they do not have the necessary expertise or resources to deliver essential training within their organisations. There are far fewer publications available on the subject of occupational health and safety training.

Our aim in producing Jordan Publishing Health and Safety Training Solutions has been to produce a publication that can be used to deliver effective health and safety training to the widest possible audience. Our background as a mixture of health and safety inspectors, consultants and health and safety advisors has provided us with far too many examples of how a lack of health and safety training can have a disastrous effect on both individuals and their employers. It is our firm belief that employers wish to ensure that they have a trained and competent workforce, yet are often discouraged by the apparent sheer enormity of the task. The obvious solution to many would be to send employees on a ‘health and safety course’ or where there are widely known training requirements such as the need to obtain a ‘qualified first aiders course’ then employees will be sent on the requisite training course. Training, in these circumstances, does not come cheap for the employer, and this can help to form the impression that training all employees in all aspects of health and safety will be cost-prohibitive.

This publication sets out to provide a unique solution to these potential problems, by providing a substantial selection of training solutions for both employees and managers. The vast majority of these could be delivered in-house, thus saving the employer time and money. The information is set out in a user-friendly format with clear divisions between different training solutions.

The publication, being in looseleaf format, will be updated regularly to take account of changes in practice, guidance, legislation and theory.

 Ian Bollans, Ed Friend and Pete Osborne
 March 2007
This manual is a unique contribution to the many published works on health and safety management. Health and safety professionals often repeat the need for people to be properly trained and qualified when fulfilling their duties and advising managers. Sometimes that need is not reciprocated when it comes to professional training standards. It is a dichotomy: should people be professional trainers to deliver the safety message; or be qualified in a health and safety discipline? Both routes to effective training have their advantages. It is clear that the legal requirements to provide health and safety training are numerous and fairly extensive. All too often it is found in an accident investigation that inadequate training has been given. Sometimes it is found that there is a complete absence of such training.

To deliver effective training people need to know their subject well – often they need to know about particular workplace procedures, and they need to deliver and monitor the training professionally. Stopping at the point of delivery of the information does not equate to effective learning. Improved knowledge, understanding of the subject, and a change of behaviour lead to a reduced accident and ill health risk. There is much, much more that health and safety trainers need to do to ensure they fulfil the legal requirements imposed on employers to provide adequate and relevant health and safety training. This manual fills an important need in the profession to understand how to set up, deliver, assess, evaluate and record health and safety training.

For many years I have been involved in setting the syllabi, educating and assessing professionals and managers at different levels. This has been achieved through working as a senior professional within industry, various roles in IOSH including President in 1990, chairing NEBOSH and authoring text books.

There has been a steep change in the profession over my working life and particularly during the last thirty years or so since the Health and Safety Act first came into force in 1975. My own experience of training 2000 managers in one large multi-national group and the dramatic effect that improved knowledge had on health and safety performance have taught me that improving knowledge gives managers the tools to deal with health and safety effectively.

The extent and quality of the guidance information now available is second to none worldwide. This book helps both professionals and managers to access the guidance which is relevant to their subject or industry, through extensive lists of the documents available. It is a very welcome resource which should be on all health and safety managers’ bookshelves.

The large range of Safety Talks are immensely valuable to the busy manager. They help to deliver simple information at the point where most accidents and ill health are experienced. The intention to expand this by updates over time will truly produce a small library of training materials ready for use and invaluable for people at the coal face of safety whether in the office, warehouse, factory or out on the road.

I am pleased to have been asked to contribute to such an extensive and valuable publication and I am sure it will be of immense value in improving the quality and effectiveness of health and safety training and reduce the toll of accidents and ill health still evident in work places throughout the UK.

There can be no let up in striving for better safety and health standards through improved education, training and understanding of the problem.

Phil Hughes MBE
March 2007

What we've included in your online service to make your life easy

  • Informal safety training talks - 100 ready prepared practical safety training talks providing easy-to-use training on hazard identification and safe working procedures. 'Training Talks' can be customised to your individual organisational needs and be delivered by any competent manager

  • Formal training sessions - for more advanced and comprehensive management training, a series of higher level sessions comes complete with PowerPoint presentations, trainer's notes and practical exercises for directors and managers on how to manage safety in the workplace

  • Pocket cards - ready-made, take-away training cards ensure that essential safety points are not missed by any individual, and can be easily accessed by employees away from the training session

  • Practical exercises - hands on, practical training demonstrations and exercises enable memorable, interactive training to take place outside of the classroom setting

  • Straightforward theory - detailed background information ensures you are aware of the fundamental principles underpinning the wealth of practical training

  • Training records and spreadsheets - customisable training records and training schedules will keep you organised avoiding mountains of training paperwork. This straightforward spreadsheet enables training needs to be identified, solutions implemented and progress monitored. Essential for consistent record keeping and demonstrating proof of training

Update (April 2016)

  • Economics of health and safety

    A video and newsletter have been published detailing the economics of health and safety and the need to invest. To access this resource, see the euronews website.

  • Eyewear

    Safety+Health Magazine has published an article on how to reduce fogging in protective eyewear.

  • Housekeeping
    The Canadian Center for Occupational Health and Safety has published an 11-point guide for ensuring good housekeeping in the workplace. To access the advice, see Safety+Health Magazine.

  • Occupational cancer
    An infographic poster has been published by the European Trade Union Institute (ETUI) highlighting the risk of occupational cancer. The poster can be downloaded from the ETUI website.

  • Travelling for work
    The BSI has published a draft document entitled ‘Traveling for work – Responsibilities of an organization for occupational health, safety and security – code of practice'. Access the document on the BSI website.

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