LOCAL AUTHORITY: Re MM (Adult) [2007] 2689 (Fam)

16 NOV 2007

(Family Division; 16 November 2007; Munby J)

Approving the local authority's care plan for the adult patient, which had been revised to take account of the need to facilitate contact between the patient and her chosen partner so that they could continue their sexual relationship, the judge noted that the direct contact provided for, namely once per week for a period of 4 hours, was the minimum acceptable. It was important that, as provided in the plan, contact arrangements were to be reviewed every 4 to 6 weeks; the review was to be with a view to seeing whether either the frequency and/or the duration of the contact could be increased. It was also important that the patient was able to participate in the process appropriately; her wishes and feelings were very important.

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