LSC Civil Bid Rounds to be launched in early July

20 JUN 2008

The Legal Services Commission has announced that in early July it will launch its tender to provide additional Legal Help services in certain civil categories of law. All service providers who meet its quality standards, whether they are existing contract holders or not, can apply.

The bid round is worth up to £10 million and its priorities will be the delivery of the following additional services:

  • Specialist advice in Domestic Violence or Public Law Children;
  • General family advice where it wishes to increase supply;
  • Family Mediation services (where it will invite expressions of interest) and;
  • Social Welfare Law (Debt, Housing, Welfare Benefits, Community Care and Employment) in areas where it wishes to increase supply.

The LSC will publish the Invitation for Applicants in early July, giving service providers 28 days to reply.

Successful bidders will be expected to begin delivering services within 12 weeks of being notified that they have been successful.

For more information, visit the LSC website:

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