Cafcass and Coram in new partnership

07 APR 2008
Cafcass have announced a partnership with childrens voluntary organisation, Coram.

The partnership will operate in South East England and is designed to promote better outcomes for children whose parents are divorcing or separating and cannot agree on contact or which parent a child should live with.

Coram will be supporting Cafcass practitioners in a number of ways. The charity will provide specialist additional consultation in child and adolescent psychiatry and adult psychology.

Anthony Douglas, Cafcass Chief Executive said:

"We know that our frontline staff will benefit from more supervisory support and that our court reports need to be more analytical with clearer recommendations based on evidence. By working in partnership with Coram we will be harnessing their excellent reputation in the arena of contact especially in achieving successful sessions with families where there is entrenched discord. This is a unique partnership between a national government agency delivering services in the family justice system and a children's charity."

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