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  • Bribery Act, The

Bribery Act, The

A Practical Guide


Eoin O'Shea explains the 2010 Bribery Act in detail and provides practical guidance on critical issues for businesses

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Book printed softcover

The Bribery Act is among the most controversial pieces of legislation of recent years. It creates a comprehensive scheme of bribery offences that will revolutionise courts' and prosecutors' responses to bribery at home or abroad. It will also force big changes to how businesses deal with bribery.

 The new edition of The Bribery Act 2010: A Practical Guide will provide the most detailed and up-to-date analysis of this important legislation. It deals with the law in context, covering the general bribery offences, bribery of foreign public officials and the specific bribery offence applicable to businesses alone.

Further information available soon.
  • Introduction and Historical Background
  • General Offences: Active Bribery
  • General Offences: Passive Bribery
  • Relevant Functions and Activities
  • Improper Performance
  • The Expectation Test
  • Bribery of Foreign Public Officials
  • Failure of Commercial Organisations to Prevent Bribery
  • The Adequate Procedures Defence, the Section 13 Defence, Dues and Necessity
  • Consent to prosecution, Enforcement Priorities and Penalties
  • Territorial Application
  • Accessory Liability, Inchoate Offences, Related Offences and Extradition
  • Civil Liability
  • Particular Problems: Hospitality, Promotion, Facilitation Payments, Extortion and Mergers
  • Appendices
  • Index
"This is a very comprehensive and welcome book and Practical Guide on an important new statute ... this is a very complete guide which I highly recommend"
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 Internet Law

"Eoin O'Shea has produced an excellent primer on the Act, and about much more than the Act. He shows how it fits in with other relevant civil and criminal legislation. He brings out clearly how and why those who would condone bribery, as some nationally-known commentators have, are at best ill-informed, at worst cynical and self-serving.
Eoin demolishes the Government's notion that a UK stock exchange listing will not in itself bring a company under the provisions of the Act, and is equally forthright in assessing that carrying out due diligence only on your immediate sub-contractors is unlikely to be seen by a court as "adequate"!
Not surprisingly, he is less strong on the due diligence needed in foreign markets, and on the sources of help that are available to assist this. Nevertheless, this is a first-class book that will be a valuable resource for anyone concerned with the application of the Bribery Act"
Anti-Corruption Forum Newsletter

"a useful guide ... takes a look at the defence and looks at its territorial application ... provisions are dissected with hypothetical examples ...In a world where there is so much misreporting of the Bribery Act the book is a welcome addition ... for those responsible for compliance and putting in place adequate procedures to prevent bribery the book will be a valuable reference work"
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"erudite and readable book...If you're a practitioner in this field, the practical approach taken by this guide will familiarise you with this important new legislation and its many implications."
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 Phillip Taylor MBE and Elizabeth Taylor of Richmond Green Chambers

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