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International Children Law Online Services

The fastest way to access the latest information about international children law. You can tailor your online package to suit your particular practice needs without taking unnecessary modules. You can even give each practitioner in your firm different modules, according to their specialisms.


  • Books Online

    Books Online can be added to your existing online service to ensure you have access to all your resources quickly and with ease.

    This digital library comprises an extensive range of leading practitioner textbooks. Perfect in breadth and depth for your legal research, with all the benefits of our online platform such as:

    • Your complete up-to-date family law library at a click of a button – combine access with the latest journals, reports and major works
    • Compatible with mobile devices – view the online service on your iPad/tablet device
    • Create PDFs – generate PDF versions of on-screen content to print from, download or store offline
    • Time-saving search engine – indexing, hyperlinks and search filters to get you to the information you need quicker than ever before
  • Family Law Reports

    • Family Law Reports contains verbatim reports of every important Family Division, Court of Appeal, Supreme Court and European courts case, and also includes practice directions, covering the whole range of family law, public and private child law.

      Family Law Reports provides the following key features:
      Unequalled coverage of all important cases, issued 24 times a year:
    • Every case judicially approved making them totally authoritative and reliable
    • Headnotes prepared by family law experts providing insightful summaries of the main issues and points of law raised
    • Comprehensively indexed and tabled by subject matter, cases reported and referred to, statutes, statutory instruments, international conventions and European and non-UK legislation
    • Fortnightly email alerts informing you of what is coming up in the next issue
  • Hague Conference Guide to Good Practice on Intercountry Adoption

    Part I - The Framework of the Convention
    principles and structures needed for the implementation of the Convention.

    Part II - The Framework for Protection of Children (the national and international framework)
    implementation of procedural aspects of intercountry adoption legal issues and post-adoption services.

    Part III - Annexes
    By reviewing first the broader framework of Convention principles and structures, followed by a review of the framework for protection of children through good practices and procedures to apply in individual cases, the Guide aims to provide the overview necessary to assist all those responsible for the policy and practice of implementing the Convention, whether at the international, national or local level.

  • International Children Law Focus

    A subscription to the full International Children Law Focus will provide you with:

    • Case law updates and other legal developments from bloggers around the world, together with monthly guest articles
    • The latest case law from the various different institutions within and outside of this jurisdiction
    • Fully updated relevant statutes and international instruments
    • A list of professionals utilised in international children law cases
    • Q&A section - practical advice and tips on key topics
  • International Family Law Journal

    • International Family Law looks at some of the deeper issues concerning the rationale and jurisprudence of existing law. International family law reform can best go forward when practitioners and academics learn from and communicate with each other.

      As well as dealing with practical issues affecting lawyers' case work, International Family Law looks at some of the deeper issues concerning the rationale and jurisprudence of existing law. International family law reform can best go forward when practitioners and academics learn from and communicate with each other.

      Edited by Elizabeth Walsh, the respected editor of, with the help of leading family law specialists from around the world, International Family Law will keep you fully informed of all the latest developments in such subject areas as; Forum shopping, International enforcement, International parental child abduction, conflicts of matrimonial and property laws and isclosure of evidence.

      Regular articles on the wider cultural issues of divorce around the world also help you to comprehend the context of each case.This unique, wide-ranging coverage ensures that International Family Law is an essential resource for family law libraries everywhere.

      Each issue contains:

    • Latest international news and developments affecting family practice
    • Topical articles and expert commentary from leading practitioners across the globe
    • Detailed Case reports providing analysis of latest European case-law
    • Jurisdictional briefings providing expert summaries of the most important developments
    • Regular updates from Resolution and Resolution's International Commiittee
    • Four issues a year ensuring you are kept reliably informed
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