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Family Law Online Services

The fastest way to access the latest law reports, case law, commentary, precedents, news and legal and administrative changes. You can tailor Family Law Online to suit your particular practice needs without taking unnecessary modules. You can even give each practitioner in your firm different modules, according to their specialisms.

These services give you access to the UK’s leading publications on family law. Together, these books and services offer the best guidance you can find anywhere in the country. Combined with access to the statutes, SIs, forms and precedents, you can deliver formidable legal advice to and for your clients much more quickly.
Why go online?
Ensure you are up to date, have the latest information at your fingertips whenever and wherever you need it.
  • Compatible with mobile devices – view Family Law Online on your iPad/tablet device
  • Frequent In-house Professional Support Lawyer updates – continuous updating with developments such as judgment summaries, new legislation and new Practice Directions inserted at relevant points in the text*
  • Create PDFs – generate PDF versions of on-screen content to print, download or store offline
  • Court Copy (PDF) – download, save and print paginated PDF replicas of the
    Family Law Reports for use in court*
  • Instant updates – the latest journal or report in advance of print and no need for the manual filing of looseleaf updates
  • Forms and precedents – view full forms not reproduced in the print version or Word format precedents*
  • Time-saving search engine – indexing, hyperlinks and search filters. Plus
    Family Law Reports includes a specific file search ‘cases referred to’*
  • Customise your service – mix and match Family Law modules or subscribe to the entire service ... it’s up to you!
    *Applies to specific online service modules only

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  • Books Online

    With the current challenging professional climate, we, as family lawyers must be able to work as effectively as possible. Books Online can be added to your existing online service to ensure you have access to all your resources quickly and with ease.

    This digital library comprises an extensive range of leading practitioner textbooks. Perfect in breadth and depth for your legal research, with all the benefits of our online platform such as:

    • Your complete up-to-date family law library at a click of a button – combine access with the latest journals, reports and major works
    • Compatible with mobile devices – view the online service on your iPad/tablet device
    • Create PDFs – generate PDF versions of on-screen content to print from, download or store offline
    • Time-saving search engine – indexing, hyperlinks and search filters to get you to the information you need quicker than ever before
  • Child and Family Law Quarterly

    Child and Family Law Quarterly (CFLQ) contains essential articles and comment on all aspects of family and child law.

    Edited by leading family law academics, supported by a distinguished editorial board and peer reviewed for excellence, this is an invaluable resource for all practitioners, academics and policy makers both in the UK and abroad.

    It provides a unique multi-disciplinary forum for the publication of high quality research material, analysis and commentary and is at the very heart of the debate of all prominent developments in family law today.

    It covers such matters as:

    • International family law
    • Child protection
    • Adoption
    • Child support
    • Family finance and property
    • Divorce reform
    • Education
    • Evidence
    • Human rights
    • Welfare benefits
    • Immigration issues
    • Parentage and parental responsibility

    Subscribe to Child and Family Law Quarterly and receive:

    • In depth articles written by experts for all relevant disciplines
    • Detailed case commentaries on significant court decisions
    • Latest research findings discussed and analysed in cutting edge reports
    • Four issues a year discussing all important developments with a strong international dimension
    • Each issue also includes detailed commentaries on significant court decisions which will be invaluable to practitioners and academics alike.
  • Duckworth's Matrimonial Property and Finance

    This work provides an unrivalled source of advice and expertise, dealing with day-to-day problems, delivering practical solutions and is available as either a print or online subscription. Written by a leading family law barrister, the author meets the requirements of the modern practitioner, offering detailed coverage of all major issues.

    A subscription provides:

    • Commentary - Authoritative, lucid commentary, that provides insight into how the court will act
    • Statutory materials - Know your sources and keep pace with amendments
    • Precedents - Express clearly what you want with this bank of over 100 precedents, written in plain English. Includes a fully nuanced Pre-Nuptial Contract
    • Financial Tables - Collated from a wide variety of sources, the financial tables provide you with hands-on information about tax, child support, welfare benefits, house prices and economic indicators
  • Emergency Remedies in the Family Courts

    Recognised as the standard reference work on the subject, Emergency Remedies in the Family Courts gives practical guidance on how all emergency applications should be made and is available as an online or print subscription.

    For any family law crisis, Emergency Remedies in the Family Courts:

    • Identifies the appropriate remedy
    • Explains in step-by-step detail the requisite procedure
    • Provides model applications and pleadings
    • Clarifies the underlying law

    Written and edited by an unrivalled team of experts, definitive advice is provided on all aspects of the law, together with guidance on over 70 urgent applications, including:

    • Application for non-molestation and/or occupation order under Family Law Act 1996, Part IV
    • Application for a freezing injunction, search orders and writ ne exeat regno
    • Authority to place a child in secure accommodation
    • Application for an emergency protection order
    • Application for authority under the inherent jurisdiction
    • Application for warrant of arrest under Family Law Act 1996, Pt IV, s 47(8)
    • Application for forced marriage protection orders
    • Application for judicial review
    • Urgent appeal against an order by magistrates for transfer of residence of a child
    • Application to extend or restrict publicity
    • Application in respect of mentally ill persons
    • Applications concerning domestic and international child abduction
    • The impact of the Hague Convention 1996 on the Protection of Children
    • Applications under TOLATA and MFP Act 1984 Part III
    • General introduction on procedure under the FPR 2010

    Emergency Remedies in the Family Courts has a unique format comprising four parts:

    • Key Page - A quick reference guide to the appropriate application, who can apply and in which court the application must be made
    • Procedural Guide - Takes you step-by-step through each stage of an application and cross-refers you to the relevant rules of court
    • Precedents - Includes all documentation needed for each application
    • Law and Practice - These sections present unrivalled advice from a team of experts giving you a full understanding of the applicable law
  • Family Law Directory

    Using the latest technology, it contains dozens of innovative features for you and your clients, including:

    • Family Law Reports in lawyers’ listings – exclusive to the Family Law Directory – include PDFs of cases you’ve been involved with
    • Smartphone app ensures your details are always at clients’ and referring lawyers’ fingertips
    • Discount vouchers allow you to offer manageable discounts for fixed-fee services
    • Social media integration keeps your clients up to date with your live Twitter feeds
    • Plus include your CV, promotional video, logo, photos, map to your office and much more.

    Ensure you are listed with your fellow family law professionals including: Solicitors, Barristers, Mediators, Arbitrators, Experts and Independent Social Workers.

  • Family Law Journal

    Family Law is the leading practitioner journal, ensuring all family law professionals keep up with the latest developments and their impact on practice. Each issue contains the latest news of legislative change, authoritative case reports, invaluable articles and news items written and compiled by experts for the practising family law professional.

    A subscription to Family Law provides:

    • Personal comment from distinguished family law experts on all topical issues
    • Short case reports and analysis of all important family and child law cases
    • In-depth articles from leading practitioners, academics and professionals involved in the justice system
    • Latest news on all key developments in family law, policy and practice
    • Regular updates from the Association of District Judges, Law Society, FLBA and Resolution
    • Twelve issues a year with the option to earn CPD points from reading key articles at no additional cost
    • Monthly email alerts providing a preview of content coming up in the next issue
    • Practice Directions reproduced in full
    • Other features include book reviews, letters, Resolution news and a diary of events
  • Family Law Precedents Service

    Family Law Precedents Service provides family and child law practitioners with a comprehensive library of reliable and practical precedents designed to meet all your day-to-day needs at every stage.

    An exhaustive collection of precedents for applications and orders in respect of the most common – and many not so common – family proceedings is provided, together with a range of additional documents such as client care letters, declarations of trust and cohabitation agreements.

    Each precedent is generously annotated and well presented with drafting advice and procedural guides so that its form of words can be understood in the context of the law that governs it.

    Family Law Precedents Service offers authoritative guidance and excellent value for money in a single volume and is a must for any practitioner carrying out children or financial remedies work.

    Family Law Precedents Service provides:

    • Over 500 precedents for applications, statements, orders and letters
    • Excellent value for money
    • Authoritative, concise commentary
    • Over 30 procedural checklists which ensure nothing is missed

    This major work offers authoritative guidance and excellent value for money in a single volume and is a must for any practitioner carrying out children or financial remedies work.

  • Family Law Reports

    Family Law Reports contains verbatim reports of every important Family Division, Court of Appeal, Supreme Court and European courts case, and also includes practice directions, covering the whole range of family law, public and private child law.

    Family Law Reports provides the following key features:

    • Unequalled coverage of all important cases, issued 24 times a year
    • Every case judicially approved making them totally authoritative and reliable
    • Headnotes prepared by family law experts providing insightful summaries of the main issues and points of law raised
    • Comprehensively indexed and tabled by subject matter, cases reported and referred to, statutes, statutory instruments, international conventions and European and non-UK legislation
    • Fortnightly email alerts informing you of what is coming up in the next issue
  • Hershman and McFarlane: Children Law and Practice

    Authoritative, comprehensive, practical and written by two leading child lawyers, advised by a board of eminent child law experts, Hershman and McFarlane: Children Law and Practice is firmly established as the leading reference work on the subject and is available as both a print and online subscription.

    Conceived and written around the Children Act 1989, the work is regularly commended for its user-friendly approach and for concentrating on the issues that really matter in both public and private law. Clear narrative is complemented by numerous time-saving checklists, procedural tables and flow-charts. Relevant statutory materials are included and the whole work is extensively cross-referenced.

    Used by all sectors of the profession including solicitors, the judiciary, barristers, local authorities and social services, this work is relied upon daily in all levels of court. Here's why:

    Authoritative Commentary

    Detailed and practical advice is written by The Hon Mr Justice McFarlane and Madeleine Reardon, Barrister

    Easy-to-Use Layout

    Flow-charts, checklists and procedural tables take you step-by-step through all the procedures relevant to your application

    Comprehensive Legislation

    Includes all the relevant statutes and statutory materials

    Frequent and Economical Updating Service

    To keep pace with all of the latest changes in this important area of practice the work is updated three times a year by Madeleine Reardon, a barrister who is in the thick of undertaking the work in day-to-day practice, and The Rt Hon Sir Andrew McFarlane, who is now a Court of Appeal judge and was a member of the Norgrove Family Justice Review Panel

    Portable Core Narrative Binder

    This binder contains all the essential procedural narrative that you need to take to court, which along with Hershman and McFarlane: Children Act Handbook, makes the perfect portable library of practical information for court proceedings

    FREE Hershman and McFarlane Children Act Handbook

    Includes a free copy of the latest Hershman and McFarlane: Children Act Handbook, published annually, providing a single volume source of key legislation and guidance materials.

  • International Children Law Focus

    A subscription to the full International Children Law Focus will provide you with:

    • Case law updates and other legal developments from bloggers around the world, together with monthly guest articles
    • The latest case law from the various different institutions within and outside of this jurisdiction
    • Fully updated relevant statutes and international instruments
    • A list of professionals utilised in international children law cases
    • Q&A section - practical advice and tips on key topics
  • International Family Law Journal

    International Family Law looks at some of the deeper issues concerning the rationale and jurisprudence of existing law. International family law reform can best go forward when practitioners and academics learn from and communicate with each other.

    As well as dealing with practical issues affecting lawyers' case work, International Family Law looks at some of the deeper issues concerning the rationale and jurisprudence of existing law. International family law reform can best go forward when practitioners and academics learn from and communicate with each other.

    Edited by Elizabeth Walsh, the respected editor of, with the help of leading family law specialists from around the world, International Family Law will keep you fully informed of all the latest developments in such subject areas as; Forum shopping, International enforcement, International parental child abduction, conflicts of matrimonial and property laws and isclosure of evidence.

    Regular articles on the wider cultural issues of divorce around the world also help you to comprehend the context of each case.This unique, wide-ranging coverage ensures that International Family Law is an essential resource for family law libraries everywhere.

    Each issue contains:

    • Latest international news and developments affecting family practice
    • Topical articles and expert commentary from leading practitioners across the globe
    • Detailed Case reports providing analysis of latest European case-law
    • Jurisdictional briefings providing expert summaries of the most important developments
    • Regular updates from Resolution and Resolution's International Commiittee
    • Four issues a year ensuring you are kept reliably informed
  • PracticePlus

    PracticePlus is your direct route into Family Law Online; providing concise application guidance, which links into the Family Law core, authoritative reference materials together with interactive and automated documents.

    We have undertaken a full review of comparative family law online and other publications and found PracticePlus to provide a superior service. Its comprehensive case workflows and practice notes are an essential resource for the specialist family lawyer."
    Jenny Beck, Director of Family Law, Co-Chair of the LAPG

    It is vital to help you keep up with the changing way in which the law is practised in today's increasingly competitive legal market.

    To arrange your FREE 14-day trial to the online service or to find out how PracticePlus will benefit your day-to-day work call our account management team on +44 (0)117 918 1555.

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  • The Family Court Practice 2014

    The expert content of the Red Book can also be accessed via our online platform. The service allows you to create PDFs of on-screen content, is compatible with mobile devices, and its improved search engine provides indexing, hyperlinks and a search filter to help you find the information you need quicker than ever before. Plus, you will also benefit from the following key features:

    • In-house Professional Support Lawyer updates – Continuous updating with developments such as judgment summaries, new legislation and new Practice Directions inserted at relevant points in the text
    • Red Book Alerter email – Sign up to receive regular alerter emails updating you on the latest case-law, legislation and practice guidance as they develop
    • Hypertext links to the Family Law Reports – Archive back to 1980 (subscription to Family Law Reports Online is required)
    • Your complete Family Law library in one place – Mix and match the Family Law modules that you want or alternatively subscribe to the entire service
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