Employment Law Online Services

Employment Law Online is the fastest way to access the latest case summaries and transcripts, commentary, precedents, news and developments in employment law.

These services give you access to the comprehensive reference materials, covering UK and international employment law and health and safety law and practice.

Together, these online books and services offer practical and authoritative guidance for employment lawyers and employment professionals. Combined with access to statutes, SIs, forms and precedents, you can deliver formidable legal advice to and for your clients, much more quickly.

Employment Law Online can be tailored to suit your particular practice needs.

Customer testimonial:

"A two week free trial of Employment Law Online is a really great way to test fly it. Three things stand out immediately, the immensely easy readability of the text, at a glance summaries by topic and the mobile portability - any internet PC or laptop and it's there to access."
Brian Wilson
HR Manager, Recruitment Industry

Key features include:
  • Compatibility with mobile and tablet devices
  • Create PDFs: generate PDF versions of on-screen content to print, download or store offline
  • Create court-copy PDFs: download, save and print paginated PDF replicas of your law reports and some journals for use in court
  • Case referred to search: find where a particular case has been referred to in subsequent judgments
  • An assisted search tool designed around you: indexing, hyperlinks and search filters to get you the information you need quicker than ever before
  • Instantly return to your latest cases, legislation, commentary or forms using My Recent Topics
  • News & Comment: access to all the latest legal News & Comment from within your Online Service


  • Autodocs

    Employment Law AutoDocs, which are part of the PracticePlus service, are designed specifically to save you time when drafting employment documents, and are made with your needs in mind.

    Employment Law AutoDocs are a bank of key precedents and documents are developed to meet your reference and workflow needs quickly and accurately.
    Employment Law AutoDocs are intelligent forms that enable you to capture, store and replicate information about specific matters. With AutoDocs’ smart technology you are asked only the questions you need to answer, which increases the accuracy and efficiency of form-filling and delivers fast, reliable and effortless document production.

    AutoDocs has been designed to be flexible so it can meet your workflow needs, including options to produce Word and/or PDF versions of completed forms, to save forms to your firm’s own document management system and to store forms in a secure, encrypted electronic vault.

    Employment Law AutoDocs are divided into three areas, containing over 30 forms:
    • Settlement Agreements
    • Disciplinary and Dismissal
    • Redundancy
    Overall, Employment Law AutoDocs are designed to help you find success in today’s changing world, to add greater value to your client services and achieve best practice. It continues Jordans’ tradition of offering the best support for professional markets.

    Subscribe to Employment Law AutoDoc service. Prices start from £150.00 (per single user licence, per module).

    Employment lawyer Edward Benson from leading law firm Browne Jacobson LLP
    Jordan Publishing
  • Books Online

    Books Online can be added to your existing online service to ensure you have access to all your resources quickly and with ease.

    Enquire with us to find out which books are currently available with this practice area.

    See the benefits:
    • Your complete up-to-date law library at a click of a button – combine access with the latest journals, reports and major works
    • Compatible with mobile devices – view the online service on your iPad/tablet device
    • Create PDFs – generate PDF versions of on-screen content to print from, download or store offline
    • Time-saving search engine – indexing, hyperlinks and search filters to get you to the information you need quicker than ever before
  • Employment Law Focus

    This module includes 3 elements:

    1) Full Case Summaries and Transcripts

    Log in for the latest decisions arising from Employment Law Tribunals, High Court and the Supreme Court summarised by Edward Benson, Browne Jacobson. Each summary is linked to the full transcript which you can download to your desktop.

    2) Opinion Pieces

    Access the archive of key opinions written by the Employment Team at Guildhall Chambers.

    3) Useful Addresses

  • EU & International Employment Law

    EU & International Employment Law is a detailed guide to employment law and employee benefits in 19 EU member states, as well as Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Hong Kong, Mexico, Norway, Republic of Korea, South Africa, Switzerland and the federal USA.

    It is designed to assist employment lawyers and human resource professionals who require information about the employment practices of an unfamiliar jurisdiction. For each country covered, the work draws together, in sufficient detail for most practical purposes, the information necessary to make an informed decision.

    Written by a team from Eversheds - the largest employment law practice in Europe - and with every country's entry contributed by experts practising employment law within the jurisdiction, you can be confident you are getting reliable, local advice. Also, with 6 updates you will always be working from the most up-to-date reference which will keep you in touch with the constant developments in this field.

    It has a wide range of practical advice, see the contents section for more detail, or request a free trial to see it for yourself. 
  • Jordans Employment Law

    This comprehensive service has reliable, authoritative and practical guidance on all your employment law problems, offering a detailed, user-friendly resource on all aspects of the employment law process, from recruitment to termination and remedies.

    Jordans Employment Law provides:
    • Expert guidance on all aspects of employment law and practice from recruitment to termination of employment
    • Detailed explanation of the latest legislative and case law developments and their implications for employment lawyers
    • Model documents including policies, letters and contracts for fast response to practical problems
    • Checklists and flow charts outlining employers’ duties, responsibilities and best practice
    • Quarterly bulletins providing details of recent legislative and case law developments
    • Reliable updating to keep busy employment law practitioners on top of developments in law and practice
  • Jordans Health and Safety Management

    The most practical source of health and safety advice available. Written by two practicing health and safety inspectors, no other health and safety service can guide you as effortlessly to the answers that ensure that a workplace is in compliance with all aspects of health and safety law.

    Jordans Health and Safety Management online service features:
    • Special Action Summaries for practical, up-to-date guidance
    • Downloadable Control Sheets that can be customised to your own requirements
    • Checklists and Model Documents saving you time and helping you translate theory into workplace reality
    • Recording and tracking processes for efficient monitoring of health and safety procedures
    • Legislation Service linking to a comprehensive and up-to-date legislation database. Now you can follow links to the legislation from references in the text or search the entire database separately
  • Jordans Health and Safety Training Solutions

    A unique user-guide that provides practical, cost-effective solutions to all your health and safety needs.

    This practical online service:
    • Provides comprehensive information on the legal, theoretical and practical aspects of health and safety training in the workplace
    • Provides a range of solutions to standardise health and safety training throughout the company
    • Covers hazard specific training in detail
    • Is written by practising health and safety specialists, with practical solutions for training requirements
    • Includes a unique and comprehensive selection of nearly 100 Safety Training Talks, providing informal training on relevant health and safety subjects
    • Includes customisable record spreadsheets, including downloadable training records and training schedules
    • Provides useful pocket training cards - ready made guides which you can customise for different training sessions that can be taken away by employees
    • Downloadable PowerPoint presentations standard and customisable to help you deliver training effectively and professionally with minimum fuss
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