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Company Law Online Services

Busy company lawyers require accurate information on a wide range of topics within the ever-changing legal landscape of company law.

Company Law Online offers you a comprehensive online portfolio of company law publications, from constitution through to liquidation, definitive answers to questions about company administration, share capital, as well as takeovers and mergers. Combine this with fully consolidated legislation and you have the most formidable company law resource available.

Depending on your practice speciality, you can subscribe to the complete service or a bespoke package. Whatever you choose, the authority and reliability of the information we provide will help you make the right decision.

Key features include:
  • Compatibility with mobile and tablet devices
  • Create PDFs: generate PDF versions of on-screen content to print, download or store offline
  • Create court-copy PDFs: download, save and print paginated PDF replicas of your law reports and some journals for use in court
  • Case referred to search: find where a particular case has been referred to in subsequent judgments
  • An assisted search tool designed around you: indexing, hyperlinks and search filters to get you the information you need quicker than ever before
  • Instantly return to your latest cases, legislation, commentary or forms using My Recent Topics
  • News & Comment: access to all the latest legal News & Comment from within your Online Service 


  • Bankruptcy and Personal Insolvency Reports

    The first port of call for all insolvency practitioners researching personal insolvency case-law. Bankruptcy and Personal Insolvency Reports covers every aspect of the law, practice and procedure of personal insolvency.

    Bankruptcy and Personal Insolvency Reports online service ensures that you always have access to the very latest court decisions. Our team of editors is drawn from the country's leading personal insolvency experts and practitioners and through their knowledge and specialist work, we are quickly made aware of important new cases; immediately reporting on them. Each verbatim report contains a full headnote and is judicially approved to ensure an accurate record of the case and judgement.

    A subscription to the online service provides access to the complete archive back to 1996.
  • Books Online

    Books Online can be added to your existing online service to ensure you have access to all your resources quickly and with ease.

    Enquire with us to find out which books are currently available with this practice area.

    See the benefits:
    • Your complete up-to-date law library at a click of a button – combine access with the latest journals, reports and major works
    • Compatible with mobile devices – view the online service on your iPad/tablet device
    • Create PDFs – generate PDF versions of on-screen content to print from, download or store offline
    • Time-saving search engine – indexing, hyperlinks and search filters to get you to the information you need quicker than ever before
  • Gore-Browne on Companies

    Since 1873, Jordans has provided thousands of solicitors, barristers and accountants with authoritative commentary on company law and practice. Now you can benefit from definitive company law analysis from Gore-Browne on Companies at the touch of a button.

    Gore-Browne on Companies is the definitive authority on company law. From constitution through to liquidation, it provides comprehensive answers to questions about directors' duties, share capital, mergers, insolvency and much more. In addition there is a regular bulletin tracking all the latest cases with related transcript, consolidated company law database and destination tables.

    Gore-Browne on Companies is a trusted resource and a complete reference service. It offers:
    • A clear, logical structure guarantees ease of use, enabling you to find essential information quickly.
    • Regular updates to assist your awareness of new case-law, practice developments and changes in legislation, including Bulletin updates incorporated into the relevant sections of the text.
    • The Companies Act 2006 Legislation Tracker, which sets out when the provisions of the Companies Act 2006 came into force.
    • Destination Tables, which show the origin of the provisions of the 2006 Act.
    • Gore-Browne Special Release, which includes a series of articles and a compendium of the year's case digests.
    • Regular Bulletins, which provide an update on the latest company law developments, digests of important cases and key statutory instruments.
    • Case transcripts so you can check the original source.
    It is relied upon by thousands of lawyers across the legal profession:
    • Solicitors practising company and commercial law
    • Barristers practising company, commercial and insolvency law
    • In-house lawyers
    • Public sector lawyers
    • Accountants
    • Company secretaries
    • Academics

  • Gore-Browne on EU Company Law

    Gore-Browne on EU Company Law explains the impact of EU Directives and Regulations on company law, taxation, accounting and insolvency. Analytical in approach, it examines and monitors the implementation provisions in the UK, looks at forthcoming developments and Directives, analyses key cases from the European Court of Justice and discusses new EU business entities that are now available and are increasingly being used by Member States including the UK.

    In one looseleaf volume it contains the fully amended text of all the European Directives together with invaluable commentary on the implementation and purpose of each Directive.

    Benefits of the service include:
    • Available in both print and online
    • Extensive contents such as corporate forms, market abuse, transparency, take-overs, mergers, corporate governance, employee issues, cross-border mergers and insolvency.
    • Analysis of how corporate rescue in the UK and Member States are affected by the UNCITRAL Model Law and the 2000 EC Regulation.
    • Authoritative commentary on the implementation and purpose of each Directive and how it has been working in practice.
    • Practical explanations of how EU legislation and cases can influence corporate activity across Member States
    • Reproduces the amended text of the key EU Directives and other EU Regulations and EU guidance materials.
    • A comprehensive source of cases from the European Court of Justice which must be followed by UK courts
    • Expanded coverage of European Tax Law, including detailed analysis of the key European Court rulings on Member States' direct taxes
    Gore-Browne on EU Company Law is an invaluable guide for solicitors, barristers and accountants, and anybody practising in or researching company and insolvency law. 
  • Insolvency Focus

    Insolvency Focus includes 2 elements:

    1) Full Case Summaries and Transcripts

    2) Insolvency Legislation: Annotations and Commentary Online

    Louis Doyle Barrister, Kings Chambers, Manchester and Leeds

    Professor Andrew Keay Professor of Corporate and Commercial Law, Centre for Business Law and Practice, School of Law, University of Leeds: Legal Practitioner (Australia)

    This key publication is also available online providing practical guidance on the key primary and secondary insolvency legislation. In addition to the complete texts of the key statutory provisions, each is annotated with detailed analysis and commentary.

    Combining the experience and knowledge of an established practitioner and leading academics, it provides a succinct, practical discussion of relevant insolvency provisions and case-law. It has been written specifically for the purpose of assisting not only in the identification of the key legal principles but also in facilitating practical problem solving. The detailed commentary includes general observations and analysis concerning terminology, specific wording, practical issues and procedure.

  • International Corporate Procedures

    International Corporate Procedures (ICP) provides up-to-date and reliable information about the structure of business regulation.

    It is a country-by-country encyclopaedia of business regulation in more than 55 jurisdictions, including all the major industrial, financial and offshore centres worldwide. It draws together the factual and procedural information necessary to make informed decisions about foreign forms of business enterprise.

    Key reasons for using International Corporate Procedures Online:
    • Presents countries grouped by geographical jurisdiction
    • Fully searchable and linked, including links between the model accounts and translations
    • Provides a fully searchable database delivering information and anaylsis at the time you need it
    • Compatible with mobile devices - view the online service on your iPad or tablet device
    • Create PDFs - Enabling easy printing and offline access
    • Faster searching functionality - Improved search engine with indexing, hyperlinks and search filters
    • Your complete Company Law library in one place - Choose from other Company Law modules you would like to subscribe to, and even link through to Jordans’ textbooks online
    ICP provides directly comparable information in a standardised format set out country by country covering more than 55 jurisdictions...

    • Detailed information on how to form a company including the timescales, costs and documentation required. In addition specific rules relating to partnerships, branches and joint ventures are covered for each jurisdiction.
    • Key company law points on liabilities of directors, D&O insurance, local shareholding requirements, classes of shares permitted, rules for shareholder meetings, registration of charges, liabilities for subsidiary debts, fees for permits and licences, rules on borrowing and charging of assets and M&A controls.
    • The different types of entities including partnerships, branches and joint ventures
    • Sets out the accounting obligations in relation to record keeping and frequency of reporting. It examines model forms of accounts relevant to that jurisdiction highlighting in particular contents of the balance sheet and profit and loss account, additional disclosures, directors’ reports and the auditor’s report.
    • Sets out the tax position in each country includes corporate tax rates, offsetting losses, tax rate on dividends, taxation of groups, double taxation arrangements and incentive schemes.
    If you are looking for information on a specific country you can now choose to buy from 6 modules. You can find out what is included in each modules on the contents page.
  • International Trust Laws

    International Trust Laws is the most reliable global source of reference on international trusts available and provides an easily accessible route to the information needed to advise clients confidently.

    This major work has a team of editors from XXIV Old Buildings, led by David Brownbill QC. David and his fellow editors, Jessica Hughes, Adam Cloherty, Edward Cumming and Daniel Warents, are all barristers specialising in international trust work.

    The team has extensive experience of contentious, advisory and planning work across numerous jurisdictions making this an essential reference work for all business and private client advisers.
  • Jordans Company Administration and Governance

    Jordans Company Administration and Governance simplifies running the company, leaving you free to concentrate on running your business. Fully updated to take into account the final implementation stage of the Companies Act 2006. This service provides guidance on complying with the new changes introduced by the Companies Act 2006 in relation to compliance. Edited by a team of expert contributors, it provides practical advice on all aspects of company administration including: company formation, amending the company constitution, compliance, directors duties and liabilities, accounts and auditors, meetings and resolutions, plus shares and dividends.

    An invaluable day-to-day guide for company secretaries and directors, accountants, company law specialists, company secretarial service providers, banks and trust companies.

    Benefits of the service include:
    • Comprehensive - Offers essential guidance for private companies in a
      single volume
    • Written by acknowledged experts - A team of specialists ensures that the
      whole work benefits from a breadth of expertise.
    • Practical - Each section contains definitive advice with relevant precedents.
    • Accessible - Available in a format to suit you: as one single handy looseleaf
      volume or online
    • Regularly updated - Six updates a year incorporating changes in the law
      and practice
    • Precedents and model documents - Expertly drafted to save you
      preparation time
    • Companies House forms - Guidance on the more complex forms, with
      examples completed
    • Forms and precedents - Available in online format or CD-ROM, ready to
      complete and print
    • Cases and commentary - On topical subjects from the IN FOCUS Newsletter
    • Further information and contact details - Ensures all the required
      information is to hand
    • Available in print as well as an online service
  • Journal of International Tax, Trust and Corporate Planning, The

    The Journal of International Tax, Trust and Corporate Planning is a vital resource for all professionals involved in this highly specialised and increasingly important area of international practice. Keep yourself abreast of the latest developments and techniques.

    This journal provides a forum for the publication of high quality research material, analysis and commentary. From offshore tax planning and corporate tax residency to discover litigation involving trusts and money laundering regulations, the journal goes beyond the headlines to deliver cutting edge insight in the fields of trusts and corporate planning.

    A subscription to the online service provides access to the complete archive back to 2002.

  • Manual of Construction Agreements

    Construction drafting is a central part of commercial property transactions, raising complex issues of law, interpretation and procedure. The key to addressing these issues lies in having rapid access to draft forms of agreement and specialist expertise based on a sound understanding of industry practice, case-law and current legislation.

    Manual of Construction Agreements is a complete guide to all aspects of the relevant law and practice. Richard Cockram, one of the country's leading construction lawyers, provides detailed and authoritative commentary and a review of all standard form agreements relevant to the UK construction market. In addition there is an exhaustive suite of over 100 expertly drafted forms and precedents, together with comprehensive annotations.

    Reasons for using Manual of Construction Agreements online service:
    • Take the hassle out of updating - updates are available online as soon as they are published – no need to file loose-leaf updates
    • Open precedents and forms on your computer - adapt and customise to your preferred style with minimal typing
    • Compatible with mobile devices - view the online service on your iPad or tablet device
    • Create PDFs - Enabling easy printing and offline access
    • Faster searching functionality - Improved search engine with indexing, hyperlinks and search filters
    • Your complete Company Law library in one place - Choose from other Company Law modules you would like to subscribe to, and even link through to Jordans’ textbooks online (coming soon)
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