How can it help you?

  • Saves you time when completing documents in your client file – only input information once
  • All the research already done for you including all the recent family law reforms and regularly updated so you can be assured of best practice
  • Helpful at all levels of practice – as a detailed introduction to more junior practitioners explaining procedures clearly and guiding you to everything you will need and as a constantly updated reference point for more senior practitioners wishing to ensure you stay one step ahead at all times, with links to all the most established family law titles and highlighting expert commentary and articles of note
  • A multi-functional platform to service all your family law needs, from research to drafting documents
  • Links not only to Family Law content but external calculators and websites creating your own hub of information
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What makes it different?

  • A stand-alone product to compliment any case management system or way of working, which doesn’t require you to install any new software or change what you already have
  • The only resource of its kind that is able to link to the Family Law leading works such as Family Court Practice (the Red Book), Hershman and McFarlane: Children Law and Practice, Duckworth’s Matrimonial Property and Finance, Emergency Remedies in the Family Courts, Family Law Precedents Service and many others
  • Advanced functionality which ensures ease of use and won’t take lots of time to become familiar with
  • New functionality being constantly developed to assist in the growing litigant in person market, making it easier and more cost effective to manage caseloads
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Why shouldn’t you practice without it?

  • Accurate and detailed Practice Notes ensure you will be procedurally correct
  • A one-stop-shop for legislation, procedure, case law, precedent materials and links to salient articles
  • Links to expert commentary and information from the leading names in family law
  • Designed with speed, ease of practice and efficiency in mind to make your life easier
  • Uncomplicated and fully operational on tablets, smart phones and laptops
  • You can securely take the major works you rely on, and the documents from your client matters wherever you need to go without having to carry books and files
  • The ability to assign documents to other users to ensure work can be completed whenever it needs to be done, even if you are out of the office
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What else is in the pipeline?

  • Financial calculators
  • Abduction module
  • Harassment module
  • and more ...
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Can you have only the elements you need?

 Tailor made packages can ensure that you only use the parts of the service that will help you in your day to day practice – speak to one of our account manager to on +44 (0)117 918 1555 today to set up your FREE trial.
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Practice Notes

 Each practice note is a detailed guide which links to the relevant forms, precedents, cases from the Family Law Reports, and the range of exclusive family law commentary you are familiar with: The Red Book, Hershman and McFarlane: Children Law and Practice, Duckworth's Matrimonial Property and Finance, Family Law journal and more. Each one is accompanied by a flow chart so you have an overview of the process and a gateway to all the resources you could need.
 We have done the research for you!
  • Clear, easy to follow, interactive flow charts
  • Detailed practice notes, referencing all the relevant authorities
  • Linking to:
    • AutoDocs
    • Precedents
    • Legislation
    • Family Law Reports cases
    • Relevant extracts from your favourite authoritative commentary including
      • The Family Court Practice (The Red Book)
      • Hershman and McFarlane: Children Law and Practice
      • Duckworth’s Matrimonial Property and Finance
      • Emergency Remedies in the Family Courts
      • Family Law Precedents Service
      • Family Law journal
      • Books Online
These practice notes provide a step by step guide to each application, from pre-proceedings work to implementation, ensuring you won’t miss a step or a deadline.
 As well as covering common family law applications, the practice notes include those applications that land on a family lawyer’s desk only rarely and for which a quick and easy way to refresh your memory and update you as to current practice is required. All of the practice notes offer practical tips for the busy family law professional, from checklists of the documentation needed at each stage of proceedings to useful phone numbers and websites.

 For practitioners in a hurry, each practice note comes with an at-a-glance summary collating all of the resources needed for a particular application, including forms, legislation, cases and precedents. In addition, each flow chart provides a useful overview that can be printed on to one A4 page as an aide memoire. Pulling together the relevant parts from all the materials you could possibly need, we have done your research for you – you need look no further than the pertinent practice note, saving you valuable time.

Practice Notes are a one-stop-shop and are fully searchable within Family Law Online. In addition, they are maintained by our inhouse PSLs, ensuring that you are always up to date with the latest family law developments.
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AutoDocs are intelligent forms that retain and replicate the information supplied and automatically transfer it into subsequent forms. The smart technology means the forms will only ask the questions that are necessary based on the facts supplied, making the tedious form filling procedure far more streamlined.

can be accessed directly via Family Law Online or via the Practice Notes and Flow Charts by clicking on the appropriate link. You will be taken to the document secure vault, where you can create any document required and build up your client file. Once complete the document can be saved to your own case management system in PDF and/or Word format.

See a sample AutoDoc.
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Flow Charts

Interactive Flow Charts provide a useful, at-a-glance overview of each common procedure, and can be printed on to one A4 page as an aide memoire.

See a sample Flow Chart.
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