Bristol Family Law Sessions

In October 2015, Family Law working in partnership with His Honour Judge Stephen Wildblood QC (the Designated Family Judge for Bristol) launched the first Family Law Session: a new initiative from HHJ Wildblood QC with the aim of making information about the Family Court more openly available to everyone. 

To add your details to the contact list to be informed of future dates visit or call 0117 918 1529.

Make sure to keep an eye on this page for useful materials and resources with helpful information on all things family law.

Below you can find PowerPoint slides, a list of Resources and an account of the first Family Law Session

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What does the Family Court do?

This is your chance to find out.

Together with a panel of legal experts HHJ Wildblood QC shares details about how the Family Court works, what to expect and where to get helpful information.

The Family Law Session covers what the Family Court does, what it's like going to Court and what to expect in terms of: paper work, giving evidence and the hearing process in general: with information about Legal Aid, the support available when attending Court by yourself and alternatives to the Court process.

Hosted in the court building itself at the Bristol Civil and Family Justice Centre the Sessions are aimed at anyone interested in finding out more about the Family Court, professionals and volunteers in the field of family law, journalists and students. But especially families and/or individuals involved the family justice system.

A range of materials are covered, including:
  • What are Private Law Orders and upon what basis are they decided?
  • Public Law Orders (Supervision, Care, Placement and other Orders)
  • Civil Partnership and Divorcing Couples
  • Who decides on Cases?
  • What happens after a case?


Where’s the justice in making family law cases a do-it-yourself project? Louise Tickle

Success at Bristol's pioneering Family Law Session
Amy Sanders

Bristol Family Law Class October 1st 2015
Sarah Phillimore

Bristol pro bono scheme to launch in November Lucy Reed  

Cardiff Court Family Free Advice Clinic launches

Free session with a judge


The Family Court, contempt and the press  HHJ Wildblood QC

A day in the life of ... HHJ Stephen Wildblood QC

‘The way we are’: accessing the court after LASPO HHJ Wildblood QC


Bristol Family Law Session 1 October 2015 - Power Point slides

Bristol Family Law Session 1 October 2015 - Useful Resources

Bristol Family Law Session 1 October 2015 - Panel Biographies


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Bristol Family Law Sessions – Information and Guidance

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