How to use this looseleaf

Looseleaf updating
The looseleaf arrangement of Children Law and Practice enables the book to be kept constantly up to date by the removal and insertion of updating pages. These are supplied at least three times a year in the form of Updates. Each Update is accompanied by filing instructions, which should be followed carefully to ensure that your book is fully and correctly updated. At the end of Binder 4 you will find a Filing Record, which should be filled in each time an Update has been filed. A checklist of pages is sent with each updating issue, to be filed at the back of Binder 4. You should use this to check that your copy of Children Law and Practice has been correctly updated.

Arrangement of the work
Binder 1 contains the core narrative text, divided into five Divisions, all of which are separated by plastic divider cards. The combined contents of Binder 1 are intended to provide the essential procedural information the reader is likely to require in court. Binder 2 contains a further three Divisions of narrative text and the Non-Statutory Materials, while Binder 3 holds the Statutes and Binder 4 contains the Statutory Instruments. Details of the contents of each binder and division will be found in the preliminary pages at the front of each binder and at the beginning of each division.

Paragraph numbering
The narrative text in Binders 1 and 2 is divided into numbered paragraphs. Cross-references to material in other divisions are to the paragraph numbers in those divisions. For example, a reference in D[1127] directs the reader to para [1127] in Division D. Where no letter appears, the reference is to a paragraph number within the same division.

Tables and index
The work contains tables of cases, statutes and statutory instruments. These are located towards the front of Binder 1.
An index to the entire narrative in Binders 1 and 2 will be found at the end of Binder 1.
Tables and index are reissued with every update.

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Hershman and McFarlane: Children Law and Practice

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