Compliance guides for non-legal professionals

We have brought together our knowledge of business and the expertise of our authors to deliver two key guides written for new companies. These guides provide indispensable guidance on complying with regulations along with pointers on legalistic issues which can sometimes trip up the unwary Director.

Employment Guide to Procedures guides you through the highly-regulated process of recruiting and employing staff and implementing proper procedures. There are also essential employment templates drafted by a leading expert in employment law that may prove useful as a prompt for briefing your legal advisor on what you require in terms of employment documentation.

A Director’s Guide to Duties is presented in a question and answer format that distils the duties required by a director, including appointing a director from outside the owners of the company.

Both of these titles are available in print, online or as an eBook. 

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Director's Guide to Duties, A

Company Law

Director's Guide to Duties, A

The role of the company director, written in a question answer format, for the layperson.