Stefan Ramel

Stefan Ramel
Guildhall Chambers

Stefan is described in Chambers as a ‘rising star’ who ‘handles himself brilliantly in court’. He is also described ashaving a ‘quick, analytical mind’ and an ‘outstanding intellect’. He has amulti-disciplinary practice which includes insolvency law, commerciallitigation and financial services and banking law. Stefan now regularly advisesand appears in multi-million pound litigation in those areas.
His commercial caseload includes thefollowing types of commercial matters:

  • Sale of goods (recentexamples include a claim involving a defective vehicle, a claim involving adefective laser, and a claim involving defective piston rings).
  • Claims under guarantees(several recent examples on the side of the creditor or the guarantor).
  • Conflicts of laws (claimsturning on the incorporation and construction of a choice of law / choice ofjurisdiction clause).
  • Breach of warranty claims(for example, breach of warranty claims arising in the context of businesssales).
  • Agency (claims engagingissues of ostensible authority).

Stefan is currently a member of theChancery Bar Association, R3, the Insolvency Lawyers’ Association and INSOLEurope. He is a contributor to Gore-Browne on Companies, in particular thechapters on compulsory liquidation. He is also responsible for the chapters onindividual voluntary arrangements and company voluntary arrangements in JordansAnnotated Guide to the Insolvency Act. He is also a frequent contributors ofshort articles and case summaries.

Finally, Stefan is on the AttorneyGeneral’s Panel of Regional Junior Counsel to the Crown and separately theBritish Fencing Disciplinary Panel. As panel counsel, Stefan has appeared innumerous director disqualification matters on behalf of the Crown and thereforehas extensive first hand experience of the law relating to misfeasance andbreach of directors duties.

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