Louise Michelle Bombér

 Louise Michelle  Bombér

Louisehas had over twenty years’ experience of working with children and families ina wide range of settings. Renowned in the area of working therapeutically withattachment and developmental trauma, Louise is both a qualified, specialiatteacher and a child-young adult therapist. She has provided therapy, specialistassessments, consultations and training 1:1, to groups of staff, whole schoolsettings, fostering and adoption providers, social services and health. Shealso works with individual children and families. Alongside her therapeuticwork with Beacon House Trauma Clinic, Louise works out in Brighton & Hoveschools under TouchBase and speaks every week both nationally and internationallyunder The Yellow Kite www.theyellowkite.co.uk. She also runs TheAttachment Lead Network which promotes a comprehensive training programme toenable schools become attachment aware www.attachmentleadnetwork.net.

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Capacity to Change

Family Law

Capacity to Change

Understanding and Assessing a Parent's Capacity to Change within the Timescales of the Child

This title brings together chapters commissioned specifically for the audience in the social...