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Alistair  Redler Partner
Delva Patman Associates

Alistair Redler BSc FRICS is senior partner of Delva Patman Redler, a surveying practice that specialises in neighbour law surveying.  Alistair particularly specialises in party walls, rights of light, daylight & sunlight assessments for planning and boundary disputes.  He is one of the most regularly selected Third Surveyors in the country.

Alistair is a past chairman of the Boundaries and Party Walls Working Group of the RICS which advises that institution on matters relating to neighbour law.  He has been a member of or chairman of working groups that have produced RICS Guidance Notes on party walls and daylight & sunlight.  Alistair is also the author of The Practical Neighbour Law Handbook and co-author of Party Walls: Law and Practice.

Alistair is a past chairman and past national secretary of the Pyramus & Thisbe Club, the principal organisation for party wall professionals.  He frequently lectures on neighbour law matters at the request of professional institutions, legal groups and professional consultancies.  This includes giving one of the prestigious Blundell lectures with Stephen Bickford-Smith in 2016.”

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